Tri Track Open Modified Series 

2019 Modified Car Rules


The intent of the following rules is to allow competitive racing between different racing series.


ALL Tour Type Modifieds must follow the 2019 NASCAR Whelen Tour, R.O.C., V.M.R.S. or Weekly track rules (Rules may NOT be combined between series), with the following exceptions/additions;




  1. Any safe modified type racer with a wheel base between 104″ – 110″


  1. Maximum tread width 84″ when measured at wheel bead.


  1. All cars must have their own transponders and must be mounted on the right side 12.00 back from CL of the rear axle.


  1. All cars must have mufflers


  1. Rear Spoiler 48.0” maximum width 8.0” maximum blade height maximum of 44.0” from ground to top of spoiler with driver in car.


  1. No Traction Control allowed.


  1. No Coil Binding or Bump Stops allowed


  1. Roof Plate (MRS specifications) required on any car with a fiberglass or non-steel roof.




All total and left side weights are with driver strapped in seat before starting heat and feature.


  1. SK and Sportsman modified minimum weight 2550 lbs. 57% maximum left side weight.


  1. Tour Type Modified 355ci – 364ci = 2610 lbs. 365ci – 372ci = 2660 lbs. NASCAR  Modified Tour SPEC engine  = 2660 lbs. Maximum left side weight 56%




  1. NASCAR SPEC engines must meet all NASCAR specifications including carburetor and NASCAR seals.


  1. All 390 cfm carburetors must meet VMRS series rules.


  1. 650 cfm carburetors must pass go-no-gauges.


  1. Maximum cubic inch limit 372ci for built engines


  1. All ported steel head engines must use Holley 4777 – 650 cfm carburetor with stock Holley OEM components for this model carburetor.


  1. SK modified maximum 650 cfm carburetor only. No modifications other than removal of the choke tower.


  1. Tri – Y headers allowed.


  1. Engine compression and displacement will be at each event.




  1. Tri-Track approved fuels (Sunoco) must be a leaded fuel with a pump octane 110-112 (R+M) and meet the manufacturer’s specifications


  1. Fuel samples will be tested to the manufacturer’s specifications.


  1. Tri-Track legal fuels must be used for practice, qualifying, and competition.


  1. Tri-Track has the right to sample a competitor’s fuel at any time during event. Samples will be impounded for observation and/or testing by Tri-Track, Sunoco, NERF and/or any outside laboratories at Tri-Track’s discretion.



Tire Rules


Tire Type:


Tire Type – Hoosier 1320 Left, Hoosier 1330 right


  1. Teams will be allowed to buy a maximum of 9 tires at all series race tracks. You have to purchase 4 to 5 to race. The other 4 tires for practice and inventory is optional (5 tires for race and 4 for practice) All tires will be recorded. You don’t have to buy 9 tires.


  1. A total of five tires will be allowed in qualifying heats and feature (four plus one for change)


  1. Teams will be able to use any recorded tire in their inventory for spares in case of flats or wrecks (must come off track flat or damaged)


  1. Qualifying: The tires you race in the heat will be the tires you start feature with.


  1. Consi: Teams will be allowed to use any of their registered car numbered tires purchased in 2019 including the tires you attempted to qualify with. Your one new 5thchange tire purchased on event day will also be allowed for use in consi. Any team planning or intending to use tires from their 2019 inventory for the consi must bring said tires to tech officials prior to practice unmounted for inspection and approval for consi use. You must put your heat race tires back on for the feature. This will be fair for everyone as they will have the same laps on their tires for the start of the feature.


  1. Feature: You will be allowed to swap qualified tires from front to back to achieve proper stagger before or during the feature. You can only change one new tire. You will not be allowed to put on any other tires. Only if the tire is completely flat or damaged can you make an additional change with a 2019 inventory tire. Anyone caught tampering with tires will face disqualification. Remember…all tires are recorded. If you do not have the proper tires on after the heat race and feature race you will face disqualification and or a one race suspension if anyone is caught tampering depending on the infraction.


  1. ALL tires used in Heat, B Main and Feature MUST be purchased at track the day of the event.


  1. Tires can not be purchased from any tire suppliers… ONLY at track.


  1. You may pre order tires for all race events but they must be purchased at race track on race day for that specific event. Tires will be recorded at that time. Tires will be available race day for practice and race to anyone that didn’t preorder. Contact Dan@hoosiertireeast.comor by calling him at (860) 646-9646 to pre order tires for each race.


  1. No team can swap or sell tires.


  1. Teams can practice on any brand of tire.


  1. NO tire CONDITIONER of any type allowed.